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Therapy explained

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Method)  

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique specialised in promoting re-absorption of lymph in the tissues. It is one of several elements of Lymphoedema Management which is necessary to reduce swelling and maintain reduction following surgery, radiotherapy or trauma. Fields of application: post mastectomy surgery, post cancer surgery, post cosmetic surgery, reduction of scars (new and old), relief of sinuses congestion, detoxification of the tissues.


This technique was developed in Japan and has two main fields of application: in Lymphoedema Management (promoting drainage) and in posture correction, when muscles or muscle groups are not fulfilling their function as they should.  It is also used in injury management to position limbs and muscle structures leading to recovery.

 Low Level Laser Therapy   (LLLT)                       

This therapy has been in use since the mid 1990s and is another element of Lymphoedema Management.  This treatment has been through double blind clinical trials with very positive results.  The low level laser beam is applied on specific areas of the body to increase lymph flow.   It is also used in the treatment of pain from chronic joint disorders (osteoarthritis) where this therapy has proven through clinical trials to reduce inflammatory activity. More recently it has been used in the management and resolution of long term skin ulcers with very positive results.

Complex Decongestion Therapy (CDT)              
Another element of Lymphoedema Management focusing on compression bandages, compression garments, exercices, skin care and dietary requirement.

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